Indian Hills Church was established in 1967 as a Southern Baptist church. Early on the church began to be more contemporary in its praise and worship. Around this same time the church moved from a congregational to an elder or presbytery form of church government.

In 1979, Dick King became pastor of Indian Hills. Soon after the church began to realize that all the gifts of the spirit are for today and since they are for today and such a part of what God does, our desire was to remain open to everything God would be doing among us. As God began to move, we experienced these manifestations and were grateful for the freedom and healing that many received. The burden felt by the pastor and the leadership of the church was the word balance. The church fought to maintain an integrity of embracing all that God was doing but not being a part of anything that would be of an extreme nature.

Early in the 1990's, Dick King's daughter had a unique experience with God at youth camp that set the course Indian Hills is on today.

His oldest daughter always wanted to please God and worked as hard as anybody could to do that. She wore evangelism stickers and felt she should witness to everyone on her bus. She read her Bible every day and did all these things in hope that God would be pleased with her. One night at church camp while singing, she saw a mental picture of Jesus on the cross and she realized how much anger there was in her heart toward Him. As she was expressing that anger, Jesus reached down from the cross and hugged her.

The next day she told her father this story. Not understanding all that had happened, he went back to the lodge and felt God spoke to his heart and said, "I am not the Jesus that she was angry at. I am the one that hugged her and I want you to preach that Jesus the rest of your life and never doubt or look back." God put Galatians 1:7 on his heart and said you are preaching a gospel which is no gospel at all or you are preaching a Jesus who is no Jesus at all. God wanted him to preach a Jesus that loves, adores and finds pleasure in us because of His heart for us, not for anything we do or don't do or have done or will do because we can't ever do enough. God wanted us to remove the "leaven" of that religious monster so that we would be free to receive and give away the absolute unconditional total love of God.

As this became our passion, God directed us to teach that not only when you see Jesus you see the Father but also when you see the Father you see Jesus. It the desire of the leadership of Indian Hills Church for all to know, receive and impart to each other the unconditional love of God. As we committed ourselves to this message of the true heart of God, we began to see that this unconditional love applies to all men and God's determined and effectual will is that all men will be saved. Because of His love in the end He will reconcile all things back to Himself.

In 2004, we chose to become an independent church, and part with the Southern Baptist denomination. We are excited about our continuing journey with God, and we are thrilled to be able to share God's glorious message of redemption.

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